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Camping Gear Checklist

Camping Gear Checklist

We know it's tough to stay organized during the chaos of packing for a trip. Here's a rough checklist of the large (NOT TO FORGET) items. Feel free to print this one out! 

Shelter and Sleeping Gear:
- Tent (with stakes and guylines)
- Ground tarp or footprint
- Sleeping bag (appropriate for the season)
- Sleeping pad or air mattress
- Pillow

Cooking and Food Prep:
- Camp stove or portable grill
- Fuel for stove
- Lighter or matches (in waterproof container)
- Cooking utensils (pot, pan, spatula, etc.)
- Eating utensils (plate, bowl, cup, utensils)
- Cooler and ice packs
- Food storage containers
- Biodegradable soap and sponge
- Portable coffee maker or kettle (optional)

Clothing and Footwear:
- Moisture-wicking base layers
- Insulating layers (fleece or down jacket)
- Waterproof jacket and pants
- Quick-drying pants/shorts
- Sturdy hiking boots or shoes
- Extra socks and underwear
- Hat for sun protection
- Gloves or mittens (for cold weather)

Lighting and Navigation:
- Headlamp or flashlight (with extra batteries)
- Lantern (solar or battery-powered)
- Map and compass (or GPS device)
- Whistle or signaling mirror

Health and Safety:
- First aid kit
- Prescription medications
- Insect repellent
- Sunscreen
- Multi-tool or knife
- Fire extinguisher (for car camping)
- Emergency contact information

Miscellaneous Items:
- Backpack or daypack
- Camp chairs or portable seating
- Portable camping table
- Rope or paracord
- Duct tape
- Trash bags
- Camping permit or reservation confirmation

Optional Gear:
- Hammock
- Camp shower or solar shower
- Camp sink or wash basin
- Campfire cooking grill
- Portable camp toilet
- Camping cot or sleeping pad for extra comfort